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Zimbabwe Has Nothing To Do With Deportations – Consultancy

7 August 2021

Dr Masimba Mavaza, a legal advisor and government relations officer, consultancy and legal advisor at Vazet Law Employment Consultancy has said Zimbabwe has nothing to do with the deportation of Zimbabweans from the United Kingdom (UK).

He speaks amid reports that the UNK and Zimbabwe made a deal that will see about 500 Zimbabweans being deported from the European country.

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So far, 14 Zimbabweans, out of the initially stated 150, have already been deported.

Responding to the demonstrations that erupted in the UK over the deportations, Dr Mavaza said the demonstrations at the Zimbabwean embassy will never yield intended goals. He said:

The embassy does not make representations on the individual’s behalf for a deportation order to be overturned, and Zimbabweans should be aware that decisions by immigration authorities are generally final and they have nothing to do with the embassy.

Zimbabwe is horrified by the MDC and those organisations demonstrating at the embassy against deportations.

This shows the mentality of some opposition members who just want to vilify Zimbabwe.

One wonders how Zimbabwe is involved in the deportation of criminals from United Kingdom.

Demonstrations at the embassy do not help. It is not the embassy which depots people.

He also said the embassy only verifies the nationality of the deportees adding that the ambassador does not have any power to decide who should be deported.

Mavaza also claimed that when these people are deported, their crimes are not disclosed to the embassy or to anyone for that matter. 

The United Kingdom claims that deportees had been convicted of crimes such as murder and rape.

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