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ZESA Incentivises Customers With Solar Power Systems

3 September 2021

Statement by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Authority (ZETDC) on the introduction of net metering.

ZETDC is inviting all customers with Solar Systems to participate in the net metering programme and enjoy reduced electricity bills.

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The Net Metering programme is a scheme where customers generating renewable energy on their premises can feed excess power back into the ZETDC network through a grid-tied inverter.

Who Qualifies

All existing ZETDC customers with a solar system qualifies for NET Metering.

Benefits of Net Metering

1. The excess generation shall be measured and credit units given to the generating customer.

2. The credited units will assist in reducing the total customer bill at the end of the month and also ensure domestic customers benefit by buying their electricity at the lower tariff band.

3. Net Metering is beneficial to the power utility and the Nation at large through saving of foreign currency through import substitution of power.

Application forms can be downloaded from the ZETDC Website www.zetdc.co.zw and are also available at all ZETDC offices.

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