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ZANU PF MP Takes COVID-19 Vaccines To Apostolic Sects

5 September 2021

ZANU PF legislator for Muzarabani South Tapera Saizi has taken the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination to the apostolic sects in his constituency.

Saizi said he realised that the apostolic sects were reluctant to participate in vaccination programs due to their religious beliefs hence the initiative to take the program to the people.

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He engaged various health stakeholders and is still visiting the apostolic sects the mobile vaccination team and getting the apostolic sects vaccinated after full advice. Saizi said:

Having noticed that the apostolic sects were reluctant to take the vaccination program we teamed up with various health organizations and encouraged them to be vaccinated, we are delighted to note that we trained vaccination champions and amongst the champions, we have members from the apostolic sects.

In Chiweshe, Chigwida area we were invited by people from Johanne Marange sect on Friday to vaccinate them and we went with the team and vaccinated the sect from there we went to Chaona and did the same exercise.

The initiative comes after President Emmerson Mnangagwa had called upon legislators to champion the vaccination campaign.

Saizi hailed president Mnangagwa for sourcing donations to fight the pandemic and urging the MPs to work with health workers to fight Covid-19.

Chiweshe-based apostolic leader Cephas Mazarura showed gratitude to the vaccination team and praised Saizi for donating buckets and hand sanitisers. He said:

We have taken heed of the deadly disease through honourable Saizi's vaccination team, we are fully behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa's call of vaccination program hence as vapositori we are partaking in the program.

Some apostolic sects do not allow their members to visit hospitals for medical treatment saying prayers will heal them of any sickness.

Many people are reported to have died at the church shrines during childbirth or from other ailments.

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