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WATCH: Vaccinated People Are Transmitting The Virus – Pastor Chris

28 July 2021

Nigerian preacher, Pastor Chris has sensationally claimed that vaccinated people are spreading the coronavirus adding that health experts are aware of it. Pastor Chris discouraged members of the public from getting vaccinated adding that they were not vaccines anyway but gene therapy that is unfortunately in an experimental stage. He said those taking the vaccines are described in one of Pfizer's internal reports as participating in an experiment. Pastor Chris said God sent him to warn the people not to take the vaccine. Watch the video below for more. [video width="426" height="240" mp4="https://t792ae.c2.acecdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/PASTOR-CHRIS-VACCINATED-PEOPLE.mp4"][/video] His remarks come as Zimbabwean preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa has urged followers to take the vaccine saying it was not the mark of the beast as others are saying. More: Pindula News