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US-Based Zimbabwean Woman Defends Husband Who Attacked Her With A Hammer

2 September 2021

A United States-based Zimbabwean woman who was brutally attacked with a hammer by her husband has defended him saying that he is a good man and a loving husband. Instead, she blamed Covid-19 for the attack.

In March, Molly Makusha’s 52-year-old husband, Golden Makusha, allegedly attacked her with a hammer before setting the family house on fire. He was charged with:

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  1. One count of first-degree assault
  2. One Count of second-degree assault
  3. arson in the first degree
  4. two counts of reckless endangerment
  5. Other offences.

Molly told the police that she was in bed and woke up after Makusha started attacking her with a hammer. She told the Sheriff’s deputies that her husband then wrapped his hands around her neck and began strangling her.

She only managed to escape, after the children intervened. After escaping from the scene, she sought refuge at a neighbour’s house, until the authorities arrived.

Following the horrific attack, Molly’s friends set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to help her move forward and to pay her medical bills. The fund exceeded its $7,100 goal and managed to raise $8,680.

A week after the GoFundMe was set up, Molly said that her husband is a good man whose mental condition was affected by Covid-19. Updating people on what Molly had said, GoFundme organiser Samantha Michael said:

Molly wants to thank everyone. She also wants everyone to understand that her husband’s mental condition after covid led to this tragedy. She said he is a good, loving man.

Makusha is facing a lengthy jail sentence after he was charged with multiple felony counts.

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