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TelOne Has Suspended The Data Rollover Facility

23 August 2021

TelOne has suspended the data rollover facility over unremitting failures by the company to host the platform.

Telone management, in a statement on Sunday, said the facility discontinuation will affect new bundle purchases and will not affect running bundles. Said Telone:

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We wish to advise our clients of the suspension of the data rollover facility with immediate effect.

This is owing to the unremitting failures on the host platform which has been affecting overall service offering. The company will continue to explore available alternatives that can support efficient client service and experience.

We are committed to ensure the best service experience at the lowest possible cost and will keep you updated on new developments in due course. For technical support, billing or enquiries call our contact centre.

Data rollover is when a client purchases data and has his or her unused data rolled over to the following month.

Speaking to Pindula News, a TelOne official reiterated that the policy means that a package is only valid for a "30/31-day-period."

For instance, 1 to 30 September; 15 September to the 15th of the following month.

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