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Teacher’s Terminal Benefits For 26 Years Of Service Described As “Academic Terrorism,”

23 August 2021

Stakeholders have expressed concern after it emerged that a local teacher was paid ZW$57 242.72 in terminal benefits after 26 years of service.

This amount translates to US$673 using the official exchange rate. However, using the widely accessible parallel market, this amount translates to US$380 using the black market rate.

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The development startled and angered stakeholders with the president of the Progressive Teachers' Union (PTUZ), Dr Takavafira Zhou describing the benefits as "academic terrorism."

According to the PTUZ, the teacher received ZW$57 242.72 in terminal benefits following 26 years of service.

The case of the teacher’s terminal benefits was shared by the PTUZ on social media platforms. The union shared the teacher’s letter which is dated 30 June 2021. In the post, PTUZ tagged the Public Service Commission, Finance minister Professor Mthuli Ncube and PTUZ Secretary-General Raymond Majongwe.

Commenting on the development, Takavafira Zhou said:

Academic terrorism, educational genocide and vandalism is when government gives a teacher who has worked for more than 26 years a Pension refund less than a monthly salary of a police officer or a soldier.

Others who responded to the development also had no kind words for the government using words like "satanism", "witchcraft," and "ridiculous," to describe the terminal benefits.

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