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SRC Provides More Details On Resumption Of Sports

1 September 2021

The Sports and Recreation Commission ('SRC') has announced that all sports codes have been approved to resume. This follows a cabinet meeting on Tuesday which resolved that sports can resume at the backdrop of a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. Pindula News presents the SRC's statement on the matter.

The Sports and Recreation Commission ('SRC') advises National Sports Associations ('NSAs'), delivery agencies and all stakeholders that with effect from 1st September 2021 ALL SPORTS CODES have been approved to resume activities.

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The approval is subject to the observance of World Health Organization guidelines on safe resumption of sport, NSA approved protocols, national legislation and policy directives, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and International Federation protocols relating to the prevention and containment of COVID-19.

The following additional conditions shall also apply, as appropriate: -

1. It is strongly recommended that all athletes, including children who are of fourteen years in age and above, be vaccinated. In this respect, the SRC will liaise with NSAs for implementation.

2. All athletes, including children under the age of fourteen years are to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols as appropriate to the sporting activity.

3. All staff at sports facilities to be vaccinated before the admission of patrons.

4. All coaches, managers and support staff involved in sports activities or working at sports facilities are to be vaccinated before their involvement or resumption in any such activities or attendance at any sports facilities.

5. Subject to compliance with the foregoing clauses 3 and 4, gyms (McluciMg dojos, boxing and wrestling clubs), health spas and fitness centres shall admit only vaccinated patrons.

6. All activities shall be held in a "No Spectator" environment.

7. Sports venues shall be registered and maintain registers of participants and their vaccination status.
Board of Commissioners Chairman Gerald Mlotshwa. Dr Allen Chiura. Colleen de Jong. Gail Van Jaarsveldt. Karen Mutasa. Nigel Munyati. Titus Zvomuya and Sebastain Garikai (Acting Director-General)

8. Mandatory sanitization, temperature checks, masks (where applicable) and the practice of social distancing protocols (where applicable) shall be adhered to at all such sports venues and facilities.

For all COMPETITIONS Local, Regional, Confiner.' and Intemational, the following is applicable: - ALL competitions, travel and hosting requests shall be applied for separately (that is per event) through the SRC, which will submit its recommendations to the Minister for approval in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

The following deadlines are applicable in this respect: -

1. Local competitions: -

FOURTEEN (14) business days prior to the intended competition date.

2. Regional, Continental and International competitions: -

THIRTY (30) business days prior to the intended travel date for the competition date.

No competition in Zimbabwe or travel outside of Zimbabwe shall take place without the written authorization of the Ministry of Youth. Sport. Arts and Recreation in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

The Ministry, SRC, NSA, delivery agencies' compliance officers along with the relevant law enforcement authorities shall continue to monitor all sports facilities and centers for compliance. Violations of health protocols and other stated conditions will result in the summary suspension of the relevant sport code and the prosecution of the offending persons or responsible officials.

Stakeholders are encouraged to contact the SRC should they be in any doubt as regards the implementation of their respective sporting activities or opening of sports facilities.

Please be guided accordingly

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