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South Africa: R350 Monthly Grants For Vulnerable People Reinstated

26 July 2021

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced Sunday that South Africa was implementing measures meant to cushion vulnerable members of society from the bumps of life. Speaking during his address of the nation, Ramaposa said a cocktail of measures were being taken to secure the livelihoods of millions of people that have been threatened by both the pandemic and the unrest that happened recently. He said in a statement:
This evening we are announcing a range of measures to support the recovery of the economy and provide relief to the poor and those who are vulnerable as a result of the measures that we had to impose to deal with COVID-19. To support those who have no means of supporting themselves, we are reinstating the Social Relief of Distress Grant to provide a monthly payment of R350 until the end of March 2022. This has been made possible by the slight improvement we have seen in our revenue collection. We are expanding the number of people who are eligible for this grant by allowing unemployed caregivers who currently receive a Child Support Grant to apply. Details on the reinstatement of the grant, including the process for application, will be announced shortly. In addition to the food relief being provided by the Department of Social Development, government is contributing R400 million to the Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund to assist with the immediate needs of affected communities. We are also implementing measures to help businesses to rebuild. The most immediate need is to ensure that those businesses that were damaged or looted are able to rebuild and reopen as quickly as possible. We are one of the few countries in the world to have a state-owned insurance company, SASRIA, which provides cover against incidents of public violence, strikes, riots and unrest. We will also be reprioritising funding for SMMEs affected by the pandemic through a once-off business survival funding mechanism. We are also working with large business to determine their contribution to the support of SMMEs, job creation and eradication of hunger and poverty. The UIF will facilitate payments as quickly as possible to support workers who have not received an income. Most importantly, the UIF will provide income support to all those employees who have lost jobs as a result of the recent unrest.
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