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Police Arrest Woman Found With Syphilis Test Kits, Medical Drugs

26 July 2021

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Bulawayo has arrested a woman who was found in possession of syphilis test kits, a blank Covid-19 card, syringes and several tablets, among other medicinal drugs. In a statement posted on the ZRP Twitter account, the police were acting on a tip-off. Reads the statement:
The ZRP encourages the public to supply positive information to the Police as this goes a long way in fighting crime in the country. Police in Bulawayo arrested Sandra Maramba (21) after receiving a tip-off that she was in possession of medicinal drugs suspected to have been stolen. The arrest led to the recovery of syphilis test kits, blank Covid-19 card, syringes and several tablets, among other medicinal drugs.
While medical supplies on the streets are usually cheaper than those at formal and registered health facilities, products on the roads are associated with adverse health. Some products will be counterfeits and can cause irreversible health hazards. Medical products, like other products including food, flooded the parallel market in the past two decades mainly due to the collapse of the local industry. Members of the public buy on the streets as they can't afford services provided by private health practitioners while public health institutions will be in short supply of required goods and services. The government has in the past two years, however, beefed up efforts to revive the once vibrant economy and the health sector. More: Pindula News

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