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Open Letter To Government: Indian Community Threatens Vigilantism

10 August 2021

A Belvedere family is reportedly living in fear after a series of attacks by unknown assailants who are reportedly being sent by Abdul Sapa who is said to have links to the ruling ZANU PF.

In the video clip below, three unidentified people are seen setting the gate on fire. Reports suggest that the owner of the house, Ebu Abdoolah, a local charity manager, was one month ago brutally attacked by three armed men. The attack is said to have been triggered by his refusal to let his daughter date Abdul Sapa.

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The Indian community has written an open letter to the government threatening to resort to vigilantism if the government does not act. Pindula News presents the Indian community's open letter to the government.

Here attached a video of a family living in fear and being traumatized at 13 princess rd Belvedere. The father one month ago got attacked by 3 armed men and brutally beaten up all because he refused his daughter to date Abdul Sapa a Zanu of loyalist who gained fame from snitching to then Bonyongwe of CIO when the coup happened he jumped camp now he boasts about being Chiwengas guy.

Abdul Sapa whose first wife left him because he broke Both her legs is living in exile in Portugal as she took the kids and fled. Zanu Pf name is continuously tarnished by these rogue elements claiming to be party cadres.

Last night he sent the same 3 goons to petrol bomb the house of Ebu Abdoolah a local charity manager who does a lot of charity for the Muslim community.

The family is living in fear and afraid to turn to the police as sapa has deep contacts at Milton park station which include Pakistani Cid detectives and police intelligence.

Abdul sapa has been named before in a number of robberies such as trauma Centre Borrowdale where he has been caught on camera behind the reception desk tying up people, he walks with a limp.

He was then instrumental in the robbery which had me Bhagoo killed not even a year ago. Whilst Zanu pf refuses to reign in their dog he continues to use Chiwangas camp and name and guys from the army to carry out these acts of violence wreaking havoc in the Indian community.

This open letter is to serve notice if the government doesn’t do anything about this guy the community will end up taking matters into their own hands.

[video width="480" height="264" mp4="https://t792ae.c2.acecdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/a76495d3-8279-4e07-b232-89ea5c43d04b.mp4"][/video]

Watch the video above for more details.

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