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Online Lessons for ZIMSEC Syllabus Form 1 to 4

Price: USD

Wagona Online Homeschool offers speed-up professional tutors that will help you cover up your syllabus in no time.

We are a group of qualified teachers who teach Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Combined Science, and English Language

$650 RTGS subscription per subject per month.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • What time are the lessons conducted?
    The lessons are conducted starting at 6PM during weekdays. At weekends, arrangements are made and advised by the teachers.

  • Are you qualified teachers?
    Yes. We are all Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education qualified teachers

  • Are there any examiners among your staff?
    Yes. The English teacher is an examiner.

  • Is there anything I need to register and be part of the online lessons?
    You just need a smartphone. Once you make payment, we will add you to the online classes

  • What if I want to pay for a subject per week? How much do you charge?
    ZWL $170

  • If I pay and I'm not satisfied with the lessons, can I get a refund?
    Yes. If you feel the quality is not what you expected, you can just contact Pindula on this WhatsApp number: +263772464000 and your refund will be processed immediately.
  • I have more questions:
    You can contact us on WhatsApp on the following number: +263772464000

How it works

  1. You pay Pindula for the Online Lessons service by clicking the "pay" button below 
  2. Pindula holds the money and the teacher is notified to register you so you can start the lessons
  3. The teacher will get in touch with you within an hour of paying and will enroll you
  4. Once you've been enrolled, you "confirm delivery" with Pindula and the teacher is paid. You also get the opportunity to rate the service that you would have received from the teachers.

If you're not enrolled and are unsatisfied with the service, the teachers will not be paid and you will be refunded by Pindula