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Pindula Market

Baking Ingredients

Price: USD

Price list

🔶 Baking powder $1/100g

🔶 Shuffing dishes $35 (16l)

🔶 Shuffing dishes hiring $4per day

🔶 Instant yeast $5

🔶baking sheets 20c each

🔶buttercream $2.80

🔶cake flour $1.30/1kg

🔶cake lustre deco $2.30 (gold)

🔶cellophane 50c/m

🔶cherries red $1/100g

🔶chocolate ganache $1.50/100g

🔶chocolate mouse $1.50/100g

🔶cream cheese $1.50/100g

🔶cocoa powder light and medium $4/500g

🔶colour gel red $3.50

🔶red special $2/100ml

🔶Essence golden vanilla $1/100ml

🔶Essence lemon $2/100ml

🔶Fancy sprinkles $1.50

🔶Filling one bar $1.50/100g

🔶Filling black forest $1.50/100g

🔶Filling blueberry. $2/100g

🔶Fino whip $3.50/500g

🔶fruits mixed $3/kg

🔶glitters $1.50

🔶gold coins 20c each

🔶Turntable $8

🔶Kitchen scale $7

🔶Wall mate $5

🔶Measuring cups $6

🔶margarine wooden spoon white $1.50/500g

🔶paste orange $1/100g

🔶paste strawberry $1/100g

🔶plastic icing $3.50/kg

🔶premix chocolate $4/kg

🔶premix vanilla sponge $3/kg

🔶 premix carrot $3/kg

🔶Premix 5% $2

🔶Premix 20% $2.50

🔶puffex $2.50

🔶sugar castor $1.50/500g

🔶vermicelli yellow, white,chocolate,rainbow, dark rainbow $1

🔶 Colored boards 50c each (all sizes)

🔶silver boards $1/3 (all sizes)

🔸🔶Boxes $1 each (10 and 12inch)


♦️♦️ Any inquiries 0772407378