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Mangwiro Warns Against Complacency As Coronavirus Cases Fall

25 August 2021

The Deputy Minister of Health and Childcare John Mangwiro has warned people against complacency despite a fall in COVID-19 cases being recorded in the country.

In an interview with State media on Tuesday, Mangwiro said people had to make use of this period to get vaccinated in numbers before a fourth wave strikes.

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He said the government will continue to mobilise resources and personnel to speed up the vaccination exercise. Said Mangwiro:

We shouldn’t relax just because cases that are being recorded every day are dropping. We know that this pandemic comes in waves.

Some countries are experiencing the fourth wave and it might get to use at any time. People should go out and get vaccinated in numbers so that we can be ready when the fourth wave hits us.

People have a tendency of relaxing when cases drop and some go on to violate COVID-19 regulations.

Let’s continue to adhere to the regulations and as for those who have been violating them, let them learn a lesson from the number of lives lost.

As Government, we will continue to put in place measures to scale up the vaccination exercise so that we can attain herd immunity in the least possible time.

Coronavirus infections in areas previously designated as hotspots have been declining over the past few weeks.

According to the Ministry of Health, as of Tuesday, 24 August 2021, 1 506 445 were fully vaccinated while 2 382 359 had received the first jab.

The same report shows that 901 new recoveries were recorded on Tuesday while active cases went down to 10 340 from 10 949 recorded on Monday.

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