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Here Is How To Care For COVID-19 Patients At Home

29 July 2021

Zimbabwe is experiencing a devastating COVID-19 third wave characterised by high infection rates and deaths which are also been recorded in the countryside.

In some instances, COVID-19 patients face stigma from their kith and kin and members of their local communities partly due to ignorance about the nature and transmission of the coronavirus.

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With the majority of COVID-19 patients isolating at home, here are some of the things that should be done by care providers:

  • Keep the infected individual in a separate room with adequate ventilation.
  • Ensure a good flow of fresh air by opening windows.
  • Avoid physical contact between the sick and other family members and ensure there is consistent and proper use of mask if within the same room as the infected.
  • Mentally, encourage the patient not to panic but to keep calm.
  • Socially, help the individual with his/her usual routine activities.
  • Ensure provision of necessities such as groceries and medication.
  • Monitor for worsening of symptoms, such as chest pain, fast or difficulty breathing (at rest or while speaking), fast heart rate, palpitations, confusion, altered mental status, or any other unexpected signs.

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