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Bindura University Eye Clinic Has Opened

1 September 2021

The Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) optometry clinic on Wednesday opened doors to members of the public.

The clinic has three examination rooms equipped with ophthalmic machines consisting of a slit lamp and phoropter. They also have retinoscopes which are mobile and manual machinery for eye examination in remote setups.

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BUSE Vice-Chancellor Professor Eddie Mwenje said health is an important aspect of an upper-middle-class economy as envisioned by President Mnangagwa. He added:

We are excited that our optometry clinic is open to the public. The clinic was commissioned by President Mnangagwa on November 6, last year. The clinic is now registered with the Professional Health Board.

We didn’t have an optometry clinic in the province and this facility is going to assist all people in the province to have their eyes examined and treated. We have state of the art equipment and we are expecting people across the county to seek eye care service at our centre.

A lot of people are affected by their vision and sometimes they don’t know. If you can’t see properly you are not in good health.

At this centre they can be examined and be able to read and do other activities normally. Our students undergoing training as optometrists are having practical experience.

The chairperson of the department of optometry Dr Claudio Mtuwa said the centre will not only examine patients and provide them with glasses but also do the general evaluation of vision.

He added that two-year-old toddlers can also be examined urging parents to desist from dismissing eye problems for their children.

Elderly people in Mashonaland Centre received free eye examinations and prescription glasses for free as the institution opened.

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