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10 000 Pula A Bottle Of Holy Oil Zimbabwean “Prophet” Shamed

20 August 2021

A Botswana-based Zimbabwean self-styled prophet has been shamed after it emerged that he was sleeping with a number of women who sought his services and selling oil called "Do as I say" for P10 000 a bottle.

Gerald Eliazer Tanaka Gapare, aka Gerald Miracle, was arrested in Botswana after his former fiancé, Tebo Mooki, spotted a poster advertising the clergyman's appearance at a "Prophetic Invasion" in Mahalapye, The Voice reported.

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The paper recently reported that Gapare who is now behind bars was arrested after being deported thrice for being in that country illegally.

Mooki (40), who also claims to be a prophetess at God Grace International Ministry (GGIM), was responsible for Miracle’s initial arrest back in April.

Known as Prophetess Hannah, Mooki told The Voice that she had a vivid dream that showed her then-lover was using charms.

She said she saw exactly where Miracle hid his devices, which included an animal horn as well as various herbs, bones and ointments.

Mooki further claimed that when she awoke, she went to the hiding place and found there were indeed strange items hidden there.

She says when she confronted her man, he duly confessed to using charms to defraud women and have s_x with them.

Mooki claims when she asked him to get rid of the horn, he refused, saying he needed it to manage his erections. Said Mooki:

I reported to the police and they discovered that he was using a fake passport and was an illegal immigrant.

He was deported on the 14th of April but, on the 18th, I was surprised to see his poster advertising a church service in Mogoditshane. He was arrested and deported in June. He is back again!

She also alleged Gapare was having love affairs with many of her church ushers and stealing money from people in the name of God.

Meanwhile, upon his arrest the alleged bogus prophet was found using a passport, the police believed to be fake.

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